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Welcome to Bruin Republicans

We are UCLA's premiere right-wing organization.

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With our unique position on the UCLA campus, there are great many unmet needs that we feel obligated to fill. We are a programming body, dedicated to organizing engaging campus events that educate and advocate. We are an intellectual body, dedicated to enhancing the ideological diversity of the campus by exposing students to ideas that they may not have been exposed to either at home or at the University. We are members of the campus community, dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy and open marketplace of ideas on campus, and thus advocate programs and policies that promote calm debate on campus and constructive dialogue. As a body dedicated to promoting involvement in the American political system, we work to educate students on the importance of voting and provide ways for them to be politically active.

We stand as a contrary and often isolated voice on this campus that so prides itself on the pursuit of intellectual grandeur. As such, we must be the ones to speak truth to power in the face of censorious political correctness; to fight for true diversity of thought in the face of pressure to conform; and to fight for a day when it is not only acceptable but laudable to defend our nation against the hatred of extremists, a day when no one need be ashamed of the circumstances of their birth. Although our ultimate individual causes may differ somewhat, we, the Bruin Republicans, not those who speak and clap in lockstep unison, are the true heirs to the Free Speech Movement.

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